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SignwirtingAt Trademark Signs we offer a professional sign writing service in which we either free hand mark out you sign for hand painting or with the use of an api mask paint through a negative to accurately sign write your lettering and logos. We use the best quality sign writing enamel for colour vibrancy and longevity. With a large colour palette including metallic we will be able to reproduce the colour of your text and logos with great effect.

If standard vinyl graphics just won’t do for your signs then have them traditionally sign written. We also can offer the ability to custom paint your logos by blending different colours to achieve a new dimension to your signs. A good example for this would be pub and restaurant signs where you would like to keep the traditional feel without having them ruined by a modern process.

An artistic approach is necessary to be able to properly create such an effect so don’t worry we have a skilled tradesman with a diploma in art and design to carry out this work. We are able to re-paint college and university crests which have had time/weather damage. Along with traditional sign writing we can also gold leaf your signs and crests. This process is done at the end using a mixture of gold size and a coloured enamel. This mixture is hand painted onto the area ready for the gold leaf, after a period of time the gold leaf is applied carefully, once done the area is cleaned and polished to show unimaginable quality and class.oxfordshire

Whether you want a full fascia sign written or just a name on a honours board no job is too big or small so contact us today for more information on Sign Writing and Gold Leaf or continue to our portfolio page for more professional signs by Trademark Signs.