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Using Built up & Flat cut lettering instead of standard vinyl graphics, you will achieve a more prominent effect for your sign, drawing your target audience to your business. Having individual letters may be the only way you can advertise your companies name as this type of lettering can be fitted straight onto exterior brick work or stone work and existing fascias.

Built up & Flat cut letters can be made from metal, plastic and even wood. They can be hand painted, sprayed or powder coated depending on the type of material used. Built up letters can be individually illuminated given you a superb effect for viewing at night rather than having your entire fascia glowing.

The main types of materials used for built up and flat cut lettering are;

  • Wood (MDF, Plywood & Hardwood) must be lacquer sealed or painted.
  • Plastic (Coloured Foamex & Perspex)
  • Metal (Stainless Steel, Aluminium (coloured) & Bronze)


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Many variable factors affect the pricing for built up and flat cut lettering so specific quoting has to be used. Contact us for a quote on built up and flat cut lettering or continue to our portfolio page for more professional signs by Trademark Signs.